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Trees in a beautiful colorful fog
    In the morning you will find me with nice warm coffee in my hand, Starbucks preferably. Believe it or not I actually get my afternoon pick up with a nice cold Diet Dr. Pepper. 😊 I'm not much of a tea drinker, but chamomile is very calming when needed. On special occasions, you can find me indulging in an occasional glass of wine! 🍷 Cheers!
    My favorite photoshoot location has to be the beach. There is something so calming about the sounds of waves crashing against the shore, and I love capturing moments in front of it. Whether it be late afternoon golden hour or sunrise, you can never go wrong with a beach backdrop! Plus, if you're feeling creative you can always do some shots in the water for a unique look. Whatever you decide to do, the beach is always a great spot for photos! I also like exploring different parks and nature spots. These locations can offer plenty of unique photo opportunities as well. There are so many cool trees, plants, and other natural elements that look beautiful in photographs. You can get some amazing shots of greenery with either soft morning light or vibrant sunset colors. And of course, there's no better backdrop than a city skyline! You can get some amazing photos of buildings with lights reflecting off the glass or even a night shot with stars in the sky. It's always truly magical to be able to capture these moments. As you can tell, I like using nature as my backdrop for almost all of my sessions. You can't go wrong with God's beautiful art work. It always enhances any photo and brings a special touch to your session. If you need any help with setting up your shots, I have plenty of resources available on my blog. You can also contact me directly if you have any questions about scheduling a session at your favorite spot, or we can use one of mine. 📸 I would love to hear from you and help in any way I can.
    I never leave home without my cell phone. I have a camera, my calendar, access to my website and email, and many other important tasks that I do on it. I wouldn’t be able to stay connected with my customers or keep up with the news without it. Plus, it also helps me remember where I parked my car! Oh, and of course I can't forget my Starbucks card is on my phone as well. LOL. I guess you could say that my cell phone is pretty essential to me and how I run my business. Thank goodness for technology! 🙂
    My friends would describe me as, hard working, committed to my friendships and everything I set out to accomplish. I'm also an excellent listener and never make assumptions before hearing the other person out. I am motivated, driven, and a team player who is always up for trying something new. In my spare time, (LOL) I enjoy going to the beach or exploring nature trails with our boys and our two dogs. I'm also a big fan of DIY projects and enjoy finding new hobbies to showcase my creative side.


captured to cherish forever


Capture Timeless Memories
with Canonico Photography

Canonico Photography Studios has been providing portrait and wedding photography services in the Northern Virginia area since 2020.


Offering award-winning wedding and family photography, capturing every moment you want to treasure for years on end.  With a dedication to capturing life's most cherished moments, Corrina has been honored with numerous awards for her outstanding work.


Trust Canonico Photography to transform your special moments into timeless memories.


I'll be with you every step of the way. From the initial contact you'll receive clear guidance and help about how to plan for your session.


By the time we get going, you'll feel like you've known me for ages. We'll get the results you're after by chatting regularly and tailoring our approach to your needs. 

You will feel at ease

It's my job to direct you throughout your session, and use my knowledge and posing to bring out the best in you.


hey there

I'm Corrina Canonico

As a portrait photographer, capturing life's moments is everything to me. It is my passion and privilege to document your life's beauty in photographs that will stand the test of time. So whether you're tying the knot or coming together as a family, trust me to preserve the essence of the moment and provide you with photos that you will cherish for years to come.

I am an Army veteran who discovered my love for photography while taking everyday photos of my children. I treasure the ability to freeze time and capture those genuine moments that you won't be able to experience again.

Over the years, I have taken countless photography classes, honing my skills and perfecting my craft. The more I learned, the deeper my love for the art of photography grew. Photography wasn't just about taking pictures anymore, it was about documenting memories that would last a lifetime. The ability to give someone the gift of capturing their most cherished moments is what drives me as a professional photographer.

During your photo sessions, my aim is to:

  • keep things laid-back and fun

  • capture plenty of candid moments, laughs, and smiles

  • make you feel totally at ease in front of the camera

  • capture moments that truly reflect your unique personality and spirit

It is an incredible feeling to know that my clients trust me with their most precious memories. Let's sit down over a cup of coffee, my treat, and chat about your upcoming photo session.

I can't wait to hear from you!






“Corrina was absolutely amazing! Our family can be quite a handful, but Corrina was able to effortlessly bring us all together and make us feel completely at ease. Her professionalism and unwavering commitment to her clients truly sets her apart from everyone else. I can always count on her to deliver stunning photos, and that means the world to me. I highly recommend Corrina for capturing those special moments!.”


Beautiful girl with brown hair and hands holding face.

let's work together


in the magic

I've always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from. The kind that catches your eye and makes you want to study every tiny pixel. And when you think you've seen it all, you have to look back just once more to make sure you didn't miss anything. Those are the kinds of photos I strive to take every single day at Canonico Photography.

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