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Wedding Timeline Planning Meeting


1 1/2 Hour

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Once you are ready, let's come together and review your wedding plans. We will be discussing all the details and timing of the big day to make sure everything is going to flow nicely according to your wedding story. This includes when makeup and hair should be done, what time you should get in your dress, and more. Together, we can craft an unforgettable story with beautiful visuals specifically tailored to you. Don't worry about not capturing the important groups or guests: let us know the special moments that you want to be photographed, and we'll make sure they become a permanent part of your wedding album. We can further enhance this album with creative additions such as wedding invitations, centerpieces, clothing styles, and signage - even the smallest of details! By putting it all together we will create something truly unique for you to hang these memories in for years to come.

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